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This store is managed by Robertson Marketing, a preferred Google supplier committed to:

Recycled Packaging

Responsible Sourcing

Eco-Friendly Apparel

Sustainable Materials


Fostering Reuse

Recycled Packaging

Our fulfillment facilities offer more sustainable alternatives for packaging. We find ways to minimize the excess use of packaging materials based on the merchandise distribution needs.

We use AIRWAVE bubble cushions which are a more sustainable packaging alternative, derived from renewable materials such as potato starch and are 100% home compostable at end of life.

Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to building strong relationships with global suppliers so we can address collective sustainability concerns from the source. With our broad supplier network, we are proud to be able to offer recycling, reuse and 'give-back' programs to help foster a circular and more equitable world.

Our largest suppliers strive towards sustainability goals. We continue to evaluate our partners to ensure they meet certain sustainability requirements.

Eco-Friendly Apparel

When it comes to our apparel, we source garments made from recycled and repurposed materials whenever possible to keep valuable materials out of our landfills and give them another life.

We currently offer a selection of apparel made from Repreve® polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, 100% organic cotton, hemp, and modal.

Most of our apparel suppliers produce their goods while generating zero waste by optimizing textile cutting to reduce plastic use and excess fabric. Our eco-friendly apparel uses dyes that are environmentally friendly and BlueSign approved.

Some of our suppliers use ultra-efficient dye machines, which save millions of gallons a week over traditional dyeing methods.

Sustainable Materials

Our eco-friendly accessories are made from more sustainable materials and are 100% recyclable. From bags and hats to office supplies, we source from suppliers whose eco-goals align with ours.

We work with responsible partners around the globe to source environmentally-preferable materials to add to our eco-friendly product selection. From organic cotton to rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) products and biodegradable materials, we strive to continue to research the market to bring you the latest innovations and trends in sustainable merchandise. Here are some sustainable materials we’re using in our collection.

Recycled Plastics and rPET

Recycled plastics (including water bottles) are made into a certified recycled fiber that is ideal for producing apparel and accessories.

Recycled Paper

From pencils to notebooks to packaging, we try to use 100% recycled paper whenever possible to help save trees, reduce the use of energy, water and production of solid waste.

Organic Cotton

A more sustainable solution, organic cotton production avoids using harmful chemicals while aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources.

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw plastic is an eco- friendly material that’s a smart alternative to plastic. It is a premium food grade material and is completely BPA free.


PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), a class of biodegradable, biobased polymers, is a material we use in our eco pens. No harmful substances are either used or emitted in the production and degradation of PHA.


Modal fabric is a bio-based fabric that is made from spinning beech tree cellulose. Modal is generally considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton because beech trees don’t require much water to grow and therefore the production process uses about 10-20 times less water.


Robertson is dedicated to factoring sustainability into our global logistics. We use technology to create accurate demand-planning to obtain the right amount of supplies. We also store products using sustainable warehousing practices including: bailing cardboard, recycling, electric forklifts, and LED lighting whenever possible.

Robertson always attempts to work with local, in-country partners to produce and deliver merchandise to our clients when possible. By benchmarking and assessing freight-transportation methods, we strategically make better choices that help to reduce emissions. Also ask us about carbon neutral shipping options for your upcoming custom project.

Fostering Reuse

To reduce our carbon footprint, extensive research goes into the items we offer at the Google Merch Shop. As part of our sustainable initiatives, we strive to source the highest quality products that can be reused for years to come. From your favorite Google swag to everyday lifestyle products, we continue to promote the decision to purchase sustainable and reusable merchandise.

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